Global Brand Ambassadors Program

As our technical development continues and our network of partners grows bigger with every day, we would like to invest into our long-term success and expand our community into different regions. As a part of this initiative, we are launching an IoTeX Brand Ambassador Program!

Why become an IoTeX Brand Ambassador?

Who is IoTeX

looking for?

Our Brand Ambassadors Program is suitable for all kinds of skills & flexible in terms of how much time you can dedicate to the project, hence, we encourage all the interested candidates to apply.

What do Brand

Ambassadors do?

Our Brand Ambassadors will engage in activities like Events, Media & PR, Influencers Outreach, Community Management, Tech Development, Ecosystem Building & BD, Content Creation, Education, etc.

What do Brand

Ambassadors get?

Brand Ambassadors will be able to beta test new features, communicate directly with the team, get access to the latest info & news, exclusive access to our forum, corporate swag, and of course token incentives.

Our Brand Ambassadors

German Brand Ambassador

Erik Hildebrandt


Erik has a background in political science and democracy education and is working as a systemic and agile coach, facilitator, and trainer. He became an Ambassador in June 2018, making him one of the earliest and truly dedicated supporters.

Russian Brand Ambassador

Sergey Romanov


Sergey has a graphic design and engineering background. He was among the first community supporters of IoTeX and shortly became our Ambassador to help develop the community and convey project ideas in his region. Sergey is also our Delegate, representing IoTeX Core.

German & Turkish Brand Ambassador

Ugur Koc

Ugur or Uli as we call him is a Cyber Security Threat Analyst, that has over 5 years of experience in blockchain projects and trading. He is a long-term believer in the blockchain technology and the opportunities that it can unveil for humanity.

Spanish Brand Ambassador

Alvaro Manzano


Alvaro is currently studying mechanical engineering and has been our Brand Ambassador since mid -2018 helping to manage the Spanish speaking community, localize content and assist with marketing related activities.

Italian Brand Ambassador

Simone Romano


Simone has a Masters Degree in Computer Science (spec. Automation and Industrial Robotics), CEO at Sortec srl, Brand Ambassador and Community Manager at IoTeX and also a Founder of the IoTeXLab Delegate.

Portuguese Brand Ambassador

Heslei Oliveira


Heslei is a Brazilian crypto enthusiast who has been in this market for 3+ years. He has been helping to spread the word about IoTeX by managing social media groups, translating articles, talking to influencers and doing as many marketing-related activities as possible.

Ukrainian & Russian Brand Ambassador

Daria Artanovskaya


Dariya has a Master’s degree in International economics and management. She joined the project in July 2018 and shortly became our Ambassador, helping to build and grow the Russian-speaking community. Dariya is also an IoTeX Delegate – IoTeX Union.

Russian Brand Ambassador

Nikita Poymatov

Nikita is an SEO/SMM specialist with a Bachelor’s degree in Automatization. He has been a micro-investor in crypto assets since 2017. In October 2018, he started taking an active part in the development of the IoTeX project and joined as our Ambassador.

English Brand Ambassador

Jason James aka Kits


Jason is a chemical-engineer-turned-computer-scientist who switched career paths after being captivated by DLT and cryptocurrency. He was one of the very first IoTeX Brand Ambassadors and is the founder of iotxplorer – an IoTeX delegate.

Russian Brand Ambassador


Leo is an active crypto & blockchain enthusiast that is always looking out for new and creative ways to tell people about technology and educate them all things blockchain & IoT. He has been a long time supporter of IoTeX helping to grow community.

Vietnamese Brand Ambassador

Nguyen Huy Hoang

Hoang is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, ICO investor, trader, miner as well as IoTeX’s Brand Ambassador for Vietnam. Hoang has been very active to introduce and tell the Vietnamese community about IoTeX and he regularly organizes meet-ups with local supporters.

Ukrainian & Russian Brand Ambassador

Sergii Maievskyi


Sergii helps to create a successful IoTeX community in Ukraine. He regularly attends conferences and events, creates and publishes information and educational content. Sergii is a CEO of, and an IoTeX Delegate – IoTeX ICU.

English Brand Ambassador

Dijoin Klink


Dijoin is a day trader and financial analyst that has been in the crypto space since 2015. He helps to manage the “IoTeX Trader” group, promoting the project and has been apart of the IoTeX community almost from the beginning.

English Brand Ambassador



Paul has been involved in crypto since early inception in 2011. He has helped grow several crypto projects with his marketing expertise. He specializes in crypto trading, sales/marketing and is the leader of several trading groups on Telegram, Twitter and Discord.

What does it take to become our Brand Ambassador?


We are looking for highly motivated, responsible, self-starters, who want to contribute to the future of the distributed and decentralized technology and IoT and to be involved in the next revolution that will change the way people live & work.

Knowledge & Desire to Learn

Have a good understanding about our project, mission and vision. Understanding of blockchain, IoT and IoTeX’s technology and how it can be used/use cases. Consistently being in the loop of the current news & industry trends.

Communication & Motivation

Being an active and easily reachable member of the close-knit family of Ambassadors, helping peers, supporting the community & their interests. A strong desire to make an impact in the world and to be at the forefront of IoTeX’s innovations & success.

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Our global community consists of 200K+ blockchain, IoT and privacy enthusiasts. Here you will find a full list of official and local groups, updates, blogs & videos, campaigns, past and upcoming events, and much more!