End-to-End loT Solutions for Enterprise

Powerful and Flexible Blockchain-as-a-Service: “Powered by IoTeX”


IoTeX is a leading voice in the world’s premier IoT organizations and engages with global IoT device and chip manufacturers. Let our experts guide the development and implementation your enterprise blockchain & loT solution.

Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

Driving enterprise blockchain efforts as Co-Chairs of the IIC Blockchain Group alongside Amazon and Huawei.

IEEE Blockchain & IoT Standardization

Advanced Corporate Members of the IEEE Standards Organization, contributing to the P2418 series.

Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC)

Accelerating the research, development, and adoption of Confidential Computing technology.

Core Technology

Let IoTeX’s state-of-the-art technology unlock new business value. Trusted hardware, secure storage, and our Pantheon blockchain delivers the infrastructure and tools you need to empower your end-to-end trusted IoT solutions.

Trusted Hardware

Tamper-proof devices with blockchain-registered identities collect, sign, and transmit verifiable data to the IoT Cloud or blockchain. Integrate your device of choice with IoTeX’s hardware development kits (HDK) or use an IoTeX hardware prototyping kit like Pebble Tracker.

Secure IoT Cloud

Encrypt your IoT data “on the edge” and manage the entire data life cycle using our secure IoT Cloud storage. From data at-rest to in-transit, the IoT Cloud securely manages your business assets and hashes data to the blockchain for data provenance and immutability.

Pantheon blockchain

Trusted data from trusted devices is transmitted to the trusted Pantheon Blockchain, designed for consortium-based enterprise IoT use cases. Enforce multi-party service level agreements (SLAs), automated workflows, payments, and more with transparent and trust.

Ongoing IoTeX Use Cases for Enterprise

Asset Tracking & Supply Chain

Transparency across the entire supply chain for high-value and perishable goods leveraging Pebble Tracker, IoTeX’s trusted asset tracking device with built-in secure hardware built in collaboration with Nordic Semiconductor.

Multi-Party Automation

Trusted data from trusted devices enables trusted cross-organizational workflows, enforced by blockchain. Even untrusted parties can engage in trusted multi-party automation guaranteed by IoTeX technology.

Video Cameras

An immutable source of record for video camera feeds for data provenance and erasure protections. Applies IoTeX’s Ucam technology to deliver data control, ownership, and authorization rights to businesses and users.

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